How To Unblock Facebook At School?

how to unblock FacebookFacebook without a doubt is the most popular social networking website. It is a great platform which can be used to connect to all those people you know, make new friends, play games, share media, use different apps and much more. However, if you are a student then, by now you must have experienced Blocked Facebook at your school. There’s a reason why network admin block Facebook at school, but if you want to be able to access Facebook at school, then keep on reading..

If you want to use Facebook at school, then you need to learn how to bypass internet filters and other restrictions so that accessing Facebook or any other website becomes easy. In this post, we will tell you 4 simple ways to unblock facebook at school, so lets keep it rolling and unveil those simple ways..

1. Use Facebook’s IP Address

It is possible to access Facebook through it’s IP address, since “” is merely an English name so that users can easily remember the address of the site. Facebook’s IP address can be found out by either typing “nslookup” on command prompt or looking it up on

2. Use Mobile Version Of Facebook

Many people assume that any website’s mobile version is only accessible by a mobile, this isn’t true as a website’s mobile version is easily available from any device that supports website, for example a smartphone, tablet or a PC. Similarly you can access Facebook via without any issues.


3. Use A Proxy Service

If you want to be able to access Facebook in school without getting caught, then try using Proxy service. An internet proxy server (most probably anonymous proxy) will let you unblock Facebook by concealing your identity, i.e. by hiding your IP address. This gives you an opportunity to use the website anonymously.

4. Use A VPN Software

A proxy service might not be the best when it comes to guaranteeing assured and hassle free access to FB. Whereas, a VPN software such as eShield VPN is an ultimate Facebook Unblocker that hides your IP address by assigning you a new IP address which belongs to U.S based server. When the IP address of school’s PC gets exchanged by another IP address, you can easily unblock Facebook and use it to the max.

A VPN’s benefit just doesn’t end here, it secures your web browsing session, safeguards your data, defends your system against malwares and other threat. Also if you use public WiFi, then it encrypts all your data, thus saving you from data or identity theft.

You might as well try other options to unblock and access Facebook, but out of all the alternatives, investing in a VPN software will not only let you unblock Facebook but you can access any website, protect your IP address along with your data and secure your system as well!


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